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S-PRO 3200 GC System for Sulfur Analysis

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OI Analytical’s S-PRO 3200 is a complete turn-key system for sulfur analysis in gas-phase samples. Designed to work with our new, patented 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD), the S-PRO 3200 is a powerful analytical tool capable of obtaining simultaneous sulfur and hydrocarbon chromatograms from a single detector.

The S-PRO 3200 is a custom-configured gas chromatograph for selective, high-sensitivity measurement of sulfur compounds in gas-phase samples and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) streams (such as propylene and ethylene).

The key technology within the S-PRO is the 5383 PFPD, which has a linear equimolar response to sulfur allowing selective measurement of individual sulfur species from low ppb to ppm levels, and total sulfur as the sum of individual peaks.

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  • Specification 
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  • Provides automated sample injection, calibration, and QA/QC
  • Integrated permeation oven provides single or multiple calibration or QC standards
  • Automated injection of calibration or check samples provided by the built-in valving and permeation system eliminates using unstable, expensive sulfur gas standards
  • OI Volatiles Interface, optimized for valve injection, provides low dead volume split or splitless injection for a wide dynamic range
  • Sulfinert™-treated sample pathway minimizes absorptive surfaces for optimal performance, particularly for low sulfur concentrations
  • Proven PFPD detectorprovides stability, sensitivity, selectivity, equimolar sulfur response, calibrations in linear or quadratic modes, and multi-element detection capability
  • Single-digit ppb sensitivity for sulfur analysis
  • Full EPC control of all injector, permeation oven, and detector gases
  • Using additional or alternative detectors (PIDELCDXSD, or tandem configurations) allows the analysis of other compounds of interest

We have integrated a number of special design features into the System’s GC platform, the Agilent 7890 GC System, to provide unique analytical and performance capabilities. Platform features include:

  • Permeation Oven
    • Accommodates up to 5 permeation devices
    • Pure sulfur compound diffuses across a permeable Teflon® barrier at a temperature-dependent rate
    • Precise oven temperature control produces a constant diffusion rate
    • Controlled, measured flow of dilution gas creates an accurate gas standard for calibration
    • Agilent 7890B keypad- or ChemStation-controlled temperature and dilution gas flow
  • Automated Injection System
  • 4-port sample selection valve enables sample selection from a gas stream, or to deliver calibration and check standards from the permeation oven
  • 6-port gas-phase switching valve with sample loop injects samples through the Volatiles Interface into the GC column
  • Sulfur Detection – PFPD
    • Superior sensitivity and increased selectivity compared to conventional FPDs
    • Better long-term stability and less maintenance than SCD or XRF
    • Quick, easy calibrations
    • Self-cleaning design
  • Volatiles Interface
    • Optimized for ultralow dead volume flow rates, inertness, and ease of column installation

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