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Online Redox (ORP) Measurement

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orp online

  • Technical Data 
  • Features
Type EMC33I
Shaft glass, Ø 12 mm
Immersion length 120 mm
Measuring electrode platinum disc Ø 5 mm
Reference system Ag/AgCl
Electrolyte (KCl) gel (3 M)
Diaphragm 1 x ceramic
Measuring range ± 2000 mV
Temperature range -5 … 80 °C
Pressure < 6 bar
Minimum conductivity 
of the medium
100 µS/cm
Application raw water, waste water, surface water, swimming pools
Electrical connection S8 coaxial plug head with thread PG 13.5
Order code EMC33I
  • redox combination electrode for swimming pool and fish farming
  • mechanical stable platinum disc
  • gel electrolyte

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