Sediment Trap acc. to Saarso

Cylindrical Sedimentation Vessel

Model: Sediment Traps
Product ID: 444 000
Manufacturer: Hydro-Bios
Made in Germany

  • Compact size and low weight
  • Approved design
  • Standard depth range 3000 m

Sediment Traps are containers that allow to quantify sinking particulate matters in aquatic environments. Our tubular design provides a relatively small sampling area but allows suspended matters to settle without the risk of being flushed out even under turbulent environmental conditions (as it happens with large-area conical traps).

The Sediment Trap has been designed for autonomous operation in aquatic environments with relatively high vertical particulate flux value. The instrument does not need heavy moorings. Two wide clamps simplify its use in vertical series attached to the same mooring line. Each trap is equipped with a dismountable baffle grid at the opening to reduce turbulences, avoiding wash out of the sediment from the upper part of the cylinder. The water above the collecting bottle can be drained via two cocks. The transparent funnel bottom enables to check for re-suspension of sediment from the collecting bottle after recovery.

Length 900 mm (total)
Diameter 140 mm
Diameter to length ratio 1:4
Height of sedimentation cylinder 560 mm
Opening area 0,015 m2
Grid dimensions 20x20x40 mm
Weight on air 7 kg
Material of frame PVC, PE

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