A 5keV Caesium ion gun for UHV surface analysis applications

  • Model: IG5C
  • Manufacturer: Hiden Analytical

The IG5C features a low power, high brightness, surface ionization source coupled to a compact ion column, providing high performance in a small package. The gun is designed as a primary ion beam for all SIMS applications, dynamic, static and imaging.


  • 20 Micron Minimum Spot Size
  • High Current Density
  • Neutral Dump
  • Replaceable air stable surface ionisation source
  • DN-35-CF Conflat Flange Mounting


  • Thin Films Optical Coating
  • Electronic Materials

Controlled via a windows PC based interface, which handles thermal management of the source, the gun is easy and reproducible to set up and can be configured for high current or small spot applications. Drivers for LabVIEW are also available to permit OEM integration into other systems.

A high-brightness caesium ion gun for SIMS depth profiling, surface physics and surface modification.

The IG5C is a focussed ion gun producing an intense beam of caesium ions ideally suited to SIMS analysis of electronegative elements and MCs+ clusters (where M is the element of interest). The ion source uses safe caesium salts that are ionised by contact  ionisation. The  ion beam is transported through  a two  lens optical column incorporating a user replaceable beam defining aperture and a double deflection system to remove neutral particles.

The gun is controlled via an intuitive PC interface that includes beam diagnostics (for measuring sample current and spot profile) as well as automatic thermal management of the source.

The fast response beam steering module attaches directly to the ion gun giving sweep rates to 64 µseconds, and when used in conjunction with the Hiden SIMS probes the raster rate and raster area may be directly defined through the spectrometer control program.


Ion Gun
Ion Beam
Species Caesium
Energy 0.5 to 5.0 keV
Spot diameter 20 microns minimum 80µm typical
Deflection Field +/- 4 mm
Current 0.1 to 150 nA
Maximum Etch Rate 30 nm/min for a silicon target
Ion Source
Type Thermal decomposition surface ionisation
Power Typically 10 – 20 W
Ion Column
Condenser (Focus 1) 3 element lens
Objective (Focus 2) 3 element lens
Alignment Independent X and Y alignment plates for upper and

lower column

Deflection / Scan Independent X and Y deflection plates 
Neutral Dump Double bend before objective lens 
Beam blanking Single deflector plate after condenser
Port DN-35-CF (2.75″ OD) Conflat type 
Port Clearance 35 mm minimum internal diameter
Column Tip to Mounting Flange Distance 200 mm
Column Tip to Sample Working Distance 10 to 50 mm (10-20mm for small spot applications)
Differential Pumping
Recommended 50 l/s or higher turbomolecular pump.
Pump Mounting flange DN-63-CF (4.5″ OD) Conflat type
Maximum Recommended Temperature 200°C
Ion Gun Control
Deflection Amplifiers
Minimum Sweep Time 64 µs
Flyback Time 15 µs
Beam Blanking
Rise Time 3 µs
Fall Time 3 µs
PC based control Ion Energy, Condenser Lens, Objective Lens, Heater Current, Upper X-Align, Upper Y-Align, Lower X-Align, Lower Y-Align

X-Deflection, Y-Deflection, X-Scan Amplitude, Y Scan Amplitude.

Diagnostics / measurement Built in diagnostic linescan scan (X and Y), including supplies for electron suppressed beam current measurement and spot shape, (incorporated electrometer displays beam current profile on PC).

A simple line flyback raster generator is also included.

Controls Control of all beam steering plates, scan amplitudes, offsets and lenses with settings saved to PC for future


External inputs The control unit accepts an external scan input. A gain control is provided to optimise amplification of the scan signal.

External target bias input (max 350V) that is switched via the beam diagnostics control.

Power  Requirements 240/220 VAC, 120/110 VAC , 50/60 Hz, 0.25 kVA
Control Unit 311 mm (12.25″) height, 343 mm (13.5″) deep, 19″ Rack Mounting.
Beam steering module Mounts directly to the ion gun

63 mm (2.5″) x 127 mm (5.0″) x 368 mm (14.5″) length

Hiden SIMS | Analytical Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Products


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