Employees’ health and safety responsibilities

With the goal of “People are the biggest asset of an enterprise”, Reeco Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has had many policies to create a safe & positive work environment.

On April 9, Reecotech company organized a employee health check-up at Hoan My Saigon Hospital – one of the hospitals that is highly appreciated for its service quality in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a recurring activity once a year at Reecotech, in order to improve the quality of life as well as create a cohesive environment for members of the company.

Staff periodically check health at the hospital

In addition, the Company has also re-tested the working environment, including many factors such as microclimate (temperature, humidity, wind speed), light, noise, dust of all kinds, vaporization, Physiology and toxicology, psychophysiology and ergonomics. From there, take measures to improve working conditions and ensure the health of workers.

Along with that, the Company is also interested in improving the spiritual life of each member through fun and entertainment activities held regularly.

Happy new year 2022

Birthday program in the first and second quarters of 2022

Birthday program in the first and second quarters of 2022

Through activities to take care of employees’ lives, the Board of Directors hopes that each member will increasingly develop their own capacity, thereby helping Reecotech develop stronger and stronger.

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