Plasma Characterisation

Hiden plasma probes measure some of the key plasma parameters and provide detailed information relating to plasma reaction chemistry.
Plasma diagnostics for applications in etching, deposition, coating and surface modification.
Hiden EQP and PSM mass/energy analysers are offered with a range of standard sampling options to provide for plasma characterisation in a broad range of applications including:
– ECR – Electron Cyclotron Resonance plasma is used for chemical vapour deposition, CVD and etching in semiconductor processing. Magnetic shielding of the EQP and PSM mass/energy analyser enables operation in the high magnetic field environment produced by the ECR plasma source.
– Magnetron sputtering is for plasma vapour deposition and is available in DC and RF forms producing a range of thin films used in many industries including decorative coatings, hard disk drive platters , optoelectronics and solar cells.
– High power impulse magnetron sputtering, HIPIMS. Pulsed plasma provide high density plasma for adhesion enhancing pre-treatment of the substrate prior to coating deposition (substrate etching) and deposition of thin films with high microstructure density. Hiden’s data acquisition system provides for time resolved data acquisition across the plasma pulse providing mass resolved ion energy information for positive and negative ions.
– ICP inductively coupled plasma, and RF plasma are used for many applications including reactive ion etching of thin films. Hiden’s advanced Langmuir probe system, ESPion includes RF compensation circuits to enable operation and data collection from within the plasma RF environment.
– Dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD) plasma sources are widely used for surface modification at atmospheric plasma. Hiden’s HPR 60 molecular beam sampling system provides for mass and enrgy analysis of plasma ions, neutrals and radicals from DBD and other plasma sources operating at atmospheric pressure.

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