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High Purity Gas Analysis

A pure gas supply is extremely importance in many research and industrial applications. The effect of gas contamination on product quality and yield can be devastating. Mass spectrometry provides superior accuracy when detecting contaminants in pure gas streams, with a detection capability to sub PPM level for most species. Hiden gas analysis systems (QGA, HPR-20/QIC,…) simultaneously: track and monitor real time contamination levels of identified contaminants, scan for unknowns
High purity gas analysis applications: analysis of impurities in closed cycle refrigerator compressor gas, semiconductor process gas supply, satellite manufacture purge gas analysis, gas supply analysis in Hot Isostatic Processing (HIP), steel mill reducing processes high purity hydrogen analysis.
Hiden gas analysis systems also feature:the ability to monitor 4 or 8 gas streams with Hiden’s range of multi stream gas inlets; the ability to monitor up to 80 gas streams with Hiden’s Hydra system.

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