Freeze Drying

Lyophilization, commonly referred to as freeze drying, is the process of removing water from a product by sublimation and desorption. The freeze drying process consists of four stages:
i) pretreatment
ii) freezing
iii) primary drying
iv) secondary drying, and is optimized by the introduction of solvents and gas species to improve product quality and to enhance the drying process.
Hiden’s gas analyzers (HPR-30,…) provide detailed information about the gas/vapor composition during both the primary and secondary drying phases. Hiden’s gas analyzerdetects when the secondary drying phase begins and then continues its analysis during the secondary drying phase. The user defines the process’s ‘end point’ which is then detected by Hiden’s gas analyzer. UsingHiden’s gas analyzers for gas analysis when freeze drying results in: a reduction in process cycle time, provides end point detection, high consistency in product yield from batch to batch.

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