Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

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The VideoRay Pro 4 incorporates the latest in small ROV design and technology making it the most advanced, capable, and versatile small ROV on the market today. The basic VideoRay Pro 4 ROV components include the submersible, integrated control panel, and tether. A variety of optional “plug and play” accessories are available including a manipulator arm and high definition imaging sonar
The VideoRay Pro 4 submersible is easily the most recognizable component of the system. The submersible houses the camera, lighting, internal sensors, and can carry other optional accessories including a manipulator arm, hull crawler, high definition camera, and sonar. Its sleek, hydrodynamically optimized design, small size, powerful thrusters, and minimal mass allow the Pro 4 to complete missions that no other vehicle could perform in conditions that no other vehicle would attempt.
Depth Rating: 300 m (1,000 ft)
Sub Weight: 6 kg (13.5 lbs)
Speed: 4.2 knots  
The integrated control panel contains everything you need to pilot the ROV. The control panel provides power, communications and a video interface between the ROV and the operator through the tether. The integrated computer runs VideoRay Cockpit software to give the operator control over the ROV. The panel also contains power outlets, USB ports, and may accept accessories such as a second display monitor and LYYN real-time video enhancement.

Power: 100-240 VAC
Panel Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs)
Comms: RS-485
VideoRay tether offers tremendous reliability and operational flexibility. All VideoRay tether is modular and available in different buoyancies and lengths for different operations, allowing you to easily add or remove sections depending on your operational needs. Infused with a Kevlar® aramid, VideoRay tether is exceptionally rugged unlike more fragile fiber-optic tethers. If the tether does sustain damages, operations can continue simply by removing the damaged section
Diameters (mm): 7.6 / 9.6 / 11.7
Breaking Strength: 454 kg (1000 lbs)
Max Length: 600 m (2,000 ft)
Professional ROV Configurations
Because VideoRay has sold over 3,000 ROV systems while maintaining close customer relationships, we have learned an enormous amount about combining the Pro 4 ROV components and accessories into simple base systems and specialized accessory packages tailored to the specific needs of our customers’ job tasks. The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV was designed for professionals demanding easy-to-use, portable, versatile, and cost-effective technology that can get the job done right the first time. Whether you are embarking on a search & rescue mission, inspecting infrastructure beyond divers’ reach, conducting a compliance inspection on a submerged asset, or exploring for treasures on the ocean floor, there is a VideoRay Pro 4 to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


  • Jack-up Rig Inspection
  • UWILD Inspection
  • Sea Chest Inspection
  • Ballast Tank Inspection
  • Mooring / Riser Inspection
  • Drill Monitoring


  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Mine Countermeasures
  • Search & Rescue / Recovery
  • Port Security Inspections
  • Ship Hull Inspections
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance


  • Search & Rescue / Recovery
  • Drowning Victim Recovery
  • Under Ice Search
  • Port Security / Harbor Inspections
  • Evidence Location / Recovery
  • Diver Monitoring


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Hydrographic Assessments
  • Marine Life Observation
  • Habitat Observation
  • University Research
  • Underwater Archaeology


  • Net Inspection
  • Mooring Inspection
  • Feeding Assessment
  • Fish Husbandry
  • Fish Loss Assessment
  • Mort Removal


  • Hydroelectric Dam Inspection
  • Lock & Dam Inspection
  • Potable Water Tank Inspection
  • Potable Reservoir Inspection
  • Bridge Footer Inspection
  • Culvert Inspection


  • Initial Damage Assessment
  • Report Rapid Site Survey Assessment
  • Commercial Diver Observation
  • Underwater Construction
  • Quality Control / Diver Safety
  • Confined Area Inspection


  • Wreck / Target Location
  • Shipwreck Site Assessment
  • Interior Wreck Penetration
  • Marine Life Observation
  • Non-Diver Experience
  • Sport Fishing

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