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System Accessories

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  • Supercritical Fluid Compressor: The supercritical fluid compressor is an integrated system that delivers high pressure feed gas to an IMI sorption analyzer from a low pressure supply. The system is principally designed to deliver supercritical fluids, such as carbon dioxide or ethane, at pressures above those of standard gas cylinders. Automatically controlled by the IMIwin software, the compressor continuously replenishes a high pressure reservoir to maintain the maximum supply pressure. Oil-free operation ensures the compressor system delivers high purity gas to the instrument without risk of sample contamination. 
  • Detachable Sample Loading Glovebox: The detachable glovebox allows air or moisture sensitive samples to be loaded and unloaded from an IMI system, under an inert atmosphere, in laboratories without dedicated glovebox facilities. The glovebox is sealed onto the reactor flange and purged with dry inert gas from an external supply. It is mounted on a dedicated trolley and supplied complete with resealable storage and transfer vessels and a spare sample holder to enable rapid interchange.
  • Expansion Volumes: For further flexibility, IMI systems may be fitted with a number of expansion vessels to enlarge the dosing volume and hence provide different aliquot delivery capabilities. This provides greater flexibility in the development of experimental methodology and allows the anticipated pressure change due to sorption to be varied according to specific research needs. Up to four additional vessels can be included, providing up to 16 different dosing volume permutations, each of which may be automatically selected through the IMIwin software.

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