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IMI – NRG Versatile Sorption Analyzer for Energy and Environmental Science

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The IMI-NRG provides a fully integrated system for energy and environmental science research. It has been developed specifically for the characterization of materials for gas separation, capture and storage applications, which have many potential uses in this field, including the storage of energy gases, and CO2 capture and sequestration.
High pressure operation to 200 bar is offered as standard with a high accuracy pressure sensor for the full measurement range. The IMI-NRG comes complete with an integral supercritical fluid (SCF) compressor, which allows the study of CO2 adsorption at elevated temperatures across the entire pressure range into the supercritical phase, using only a standard gas cylinder.

The IMI-NRG incorporates superior thermostatting and enhanced anti-condensation protection, due to the sensitivity of CO2 adsorption measurements to temperature fluctuations, particularly in the near-critical region. A large capacity sample reactor is also available, which allows the performance of sensitive measurements on bulkier samples or those exhibiting relatively low gas uptakes.

Reversible methane sorption isotherms measured on a commercial activated carbon (Filtrasorb F-400) in an IMI-NRG with a large sample reactor between room temperature and 333 K. Adsorption is shown with a solid line while desorption is dashed.

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