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IMI-HTP High Accuracy Hydrogen Storage Analyzer

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The IMI-HTP is designed to characterize hydrogen storage materials using Sieverts method up to pressures of 200 bar. High accuracy is ensured by a minimized dead volume, all-metal construction, high thermal stability and accurate pressure measurement. Every IMI-HTP is specified to meet the challenging demands of high pressure H2 operation, with permanent overpressure protection to satisfy the most rigorous safety requirements.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Sub-microgram hydrogen sorption resolution
  • High pressure operation from ambient temperature to 773 K
  • Liquid N2 coolant options for low temperature physisorption
  • Fully upgradable modular design
  • Versatile instrument control, with fully programmable software
  • Also operates with a range of other gases (N2, CH4, CO2, O2,…)
  • Hydrogen storage capacity determination
  • Pressure-Composition-Temperature (PCT) measurements
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic studies
  • Metal hydrides and nanoporous materials (carbons, zeolites, MOFs and polymers)

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