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IGA Sorp – CT Fully Automated Compact Benchtop Dvs Analyzer With Extended Isothermal Range

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The IGAsorp-CT is a fully automated dynamic vapor sorption analyzer for the measurement of water and organic solvent isotherms and kinetics on a wide range of materials. Operating at temperatures from 5 to 85 °C and humidity values from 0 to 98 %RH, the IGAsorp-CT offers the widest combined range of any DVS analyzer. An optional internal heater allows fully programmable pre-heating and thermal desorption measurements to 350 °C.
Building on the proven IGAsorp technology, an ultra-sensitive microbalance measures changes in sample mass as a function of humidity and temperature. Humidity is determined by relative mixing of wet and dry gas streams, and is measured and regulated at the sample position. These factors combine to offer unrivalled performance and total baseline stability.

  • Features 
  • Application 
  • Vapor sorption measurements between 5 and 85 °C
  • Market-leading weight stability, temperature and humidity control
  • Unrivalled measurement precision, accuracy and resolution
  • Operation with water and organic vapors
  • Built-in user conformance tests for weight, temperature and humidity verification
  • Advanced analysis features including diffusion coefficients, permeation rates and more

IGAsorp DVS analyzers are used in hundreds of R&D and process laboratories and are equally popular in both academic and industrial sectors. Key areas for the IGAsorp-CT include:

  • Polymers, membranes and packaging materials
  • Building and construction materials (cement, timber, insulation, adhesives)
  • Fuel cells (proton exchange membranes)
  • Diffusion and permeation studies
  • Natural materials (textiles, seeds, fibres, wood, clays)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics

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