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IGA – 003 Dynamic Mixed Gas Sorption Analyzer

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The IGA-003 is a dynamic gas sorption analyzer incorporating multiple controllable inlets with combined pressure and flow control, and integrated mass spectrometry. Incorporating an ultra-sensitive microbalance, the IGA-003 measures changes in sample mass as a function of temperature, pressure and gas composition. The unique IGA method analyzes real time gravimetric data to determine kinetic parameters and simultaneously predict sorption equilibrium.

  • Features 
  • Application 
  • Fully programmable with combined control of pressure, flow and gas composition
  • Optional integrated vapor generator module
  • Sample temperatures from 77 K to 1000 °C
  • Fully programmable for advanced method development
  • Fully integrated quadrupole mass spectrometry option for evolved gas analysis (EGA)

IGA analyzers are widely regarded as the benchmark for gravimetric sorption analyzers and are used in an extensive range of applications:

  • Energy storage
  • Temperature Programmed Desorption/Oxidation/Reduction (TPD/TPO/TPR) 
  • Gas adsorption capacity determination
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic studies
  • Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

IGA instruments are used in both academic and industrial laboratories globally and are continuously producing high precision reproducible data. The IGA’s reputation is underpinned by publication of data in over 700 peer reviewed papers, including many in high profile journals.

The IGA-003 system can be used to determine mixed gas sorption isotherms. The data above shows the binary isotherm for carbon dioxide and methane measured on carbon. Each isotherm was obtained at a constant gas composition. It is similarly possible to measure a composition scan at constant pressure 
The data shows adsorption isotherms for a freon/air mixture of 4% on an activated carbon. Such information is required when designing filtration systems.

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