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CATLAB – PCS, Automated microreactor/mass spectrometer system

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The microreactor and mass spectrometer are delivered as a complete system from a single manufacturer, unique to the industry, ensuring optimum analysis via seamless hardware and software integration. The modular design further allows both instruments to operate as stand-alone components so that they may be interfaced with existing laboratory equipment such as FT-IR, TGA or GC.
The System has two module:
CATLAB – PCS Module 1: The Microreactor System A Quartz Microreactor with integrated low thermal mass, air-cooled radiant furnace and close-coupled QIC sampling. This item includes the CATLAB – PCS Windows® software and computer control of temperature (ramp/set-point) and flow. Low thermal mass furnace for linear ramp control and set-point regulation to 1000°C: Includes a high temperature quartz sample reactor for operation to 1 bar with high temperature sensors and interface. 303230
CATLAB – PCS module 2: The QGA Mass Spectrometer A QGA bench-top gas analysis system, including Hiden HAL 201 RC mass spectrometer with dual Faraday/Channeltron Electron Multiplier detector. Mass range 200 amu. Includes external scroll pump. QGA Professional & MASsoft Professional software packages included as standard. Includes standard QIC capillary inlet for operation up to 200°C

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  • Fast response, low thermal mass furnace with integrated air-cooling
  • 1-20 °C / min heating rates up to 1000 °C
  • Hiden’s unique interchangeable Catalyst Cartridge System
  • Close-coupled hotzone evolved species probe & direct QIC inlet for <500 ms response
  • ‘In-Bed’ thermocouple for direct catalyst temperature measurement
  • Automatic 2-4 (8 optional) gas stream manifold or combined gas / vapour manifold
  • Independent Mass Flow control of each channel at 3-100 ml/min (other flow options available)
  • Corrosion resistant manifold configurations also available
  • Seamless on-line, real-time studies with data acquisition and PC analysis
  • Air thermostat and trace heating to minimise condensation of liquid feeds / products
  • Shut-off / bypass flow configuration to seal reactor and gas sampling port


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