Online pH measurement

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thiết bị đo pH online

  • Technical Data 
  • Measurement Technology 
Shaft glass, Ø 12 mm
Immersion length 120 mm
Temperature sensor
Membrane shape cylinder
Reference system Ag/AgCl
Electrolyte (KCl) gel (3 M)
Diaphragm sleeve junction
Isopotential point 7.0 ± 0.3
pH range 0 … 14
Temperature range -5 … 80 °C
Pressure < 6 bar
Minimum conductivity 
of the medium
50 µS/cm
Application drinking water, water soluble lacquers, low ionic mediums, electroplating, waste water
Electrical connection S8 coaxial plug head with thread PG 13.5
Order code EGA173I

pH electrodes are stored in this medium which is filled in the reference system of the sensor. It is 3 mol/l or saturated KCl solution which is in the watering cap. pH electrodes must never be stored in deionised water.

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