Stream Bottom Sampler – Surber Type

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Kick net for bottom sampling
The Surber Sampler has been designed to gather samples of insects, larvae and other forms of aquatic life found in shallow flowing waters. In contrast to the AQEM sampler, this kick net is equipped with a down-foldable frame which defines an exact area on the ground which is to be disturbed. Ideal for water depth of 30 to 45 cm.
The sampler assembly consists of Nylon net supported by a solid stainless steel folding frame, equipped with a handle joint with receiving inner diameter of 20 mm to fix a Telescopic Rod.
The rectangular mouth opening of the net bag and bottom frame have dimensions of 32 x 32 cm. The net bag of 500 microns mesh size is 70 cm deep, other mesh sizes are available upon request. A zip fastener at the net bag allows for fast dismounting for cleaning.

438 650 Stream Bottom Sampler Surber Type
438 305 Telescopic Rod,
made from anodised aluminium,
length 2,70 m
Spare Parts
438 652 Spare Net Part 
for Stream Bottom Sampler

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