Combined Plate Chamber

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Plankton sedimentation and counting chamber acc. to Utermoehl
As discribed in UNESCO’s Phytoplankton Manual (published 1978) the Combined Plate Chamber allows you to look at sedimented plankton samples from a very short distance. How? Put the sample into a cylinder on top of the rectangular plexiglass plate with a thin base plate, let the fixed plankton concentrate and after sedimentation simply push the cylinder with excess liquid aside. The handling support underneath the plate will collect the extra water from the cylinder. You can now take the plate and examine the sample under an inverted microscope. Three calibrated cylinder sizes are provided with each set allowing to analyse different sample volumes.

  • Technical Data
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Material Plexiglas, glass, 
chrome-plated brass
Dimensions of 
Plexiglas plate
43 x 120 mm
Diameter of Plexiglas 
plate alignment
39 mm and 42 mm
Inner diameter of 
sedimentation cylinder
26 mm
Height of sedimentation 
approx. 15 mm for the 10 ml version,
approx. 92 mm for the 50 ml version,
approx. 185 mm for the 100 ml version
435 025 Combined Plate Chamber (Utermoehl Chamber)
set with one cylinder 10 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml 
each, complete with three cover plates, 
50 base plates and handling support
Spare Parts  
435 028 Cover Plates for Tubular Plankton Chambers 
and Combined Plate Chamber,
33 mm Ø, 2 mm thick, in package of 50 pcs.
435 035 Base Plates for Tubular Plankton Chambers
and Combined Plate Chamber,
27.5 mm Ø, 0.2 mm thick, in package of 250 pcs.
435 025-001 Handling Support for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-002 Base Unit with metal ring
and key for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-003 Cylinder 10 ml for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-010 Cylinder 25 ml for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-004 Cylinder 50 ml for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-005 Cylinder 100 ml for Combined Plate Chamber
435 025-007 Cover Plates
Package of 50 Cover Plates, 42 x 42 x 1.2 mm,
for Combined Plate Chamber

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