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TruLab pH/ISE 1320P

The YSI TruLab line includes the 1110 (single channel), 1310 and 1310P (single channel) and 1320 and 1320P (dual channel) instruments providing easy-to-use and calibrate instruments ideal for the laboratory. Measure pH, mV (ORP), ISE and temperature accurately in the laboratory with the YSI pH 1320 or 1320P with built-in …

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Oxygen Sensor

The Oxygen optode is designed to measure absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation. The optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from fish farms to waste water and from polar ice areas to hydrothermal vents.  The lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle offers the following benefits: Response time <8 sec (63%) High accuracy Not stirring sensitive …

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TPD Workstation, For UHV temperature programmed desorption studies

The Hiden TPD Workstation is a complete experimental system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD) studies.The TPD Workstation features a multiport UHV chamber with heated sample stage coupled to a high precision triple filter analyser with digital pulse ion counting detector for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution. The triple filter mass …

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SIMS Workstation, UHV SIMS instrument for thin film surface analysis, static SIMS, depth profiling, and imaging

Made by Hiden Analytical Ltd., UK. (website: http://www.hidenanalytical.com) The Hiden SIMS Workstation provides for high performance static and dynamic SIMS applications for detailed surface composition analysis and depth profiling. The SNMS facility complements the SIMS technique, providing quantification for thin film composition measurements. Hiden’s new SIMS-on-a-Flange provides a complete SIMS facility …

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EQS SIMS Analyser, Bolt-on SIMS analyser for the analysis of secondary +ve and -ve ions from solid samples

The Hiden EQS is a high transmission quadrupole secondary ion mass spectrometry, SIMS, detector including a 45 degree electrostatic sector for simultaneous ion energy analysis. Ions are collected on the axis of the device which makes it very popular for fitting as an after-market detector to a wide variety of …

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